Newsletter from the Headquarter

The Traffic Agents at Korsvoll reported that it was dark due to a broken Fluorescent light. Our operations department quickly was there to rectify it.

Published: Friday, July 21, 2017 7:34 AM

The Traffic Agent-team

Newsletter from the Headquarter

Summer is here and here is a little about The Traffic Agent this year.

2017 has so far been a busy year for the Traffic Agent team, and here is an update from us at the Headquarters.

This year even more Traffic Agents has joined us and now in July it is 59 schools in Oslo that have used the mapping tool. By many, the agents at Huseby, Kjelsås, Grindbakken and Korsvoll have done a great job sending us reports. Due to their reports, several traffic security measures are already in planning. To follow the progresses, please see our Facebook page for updates.

The children's transport plan

The Norwegian National Transport Plan for 2018-2029 was released in April, and for the first time Norway it was made a separate chapter for children in our National Transport Plan, the children's transport plan. We are so proud of being a part of it and for being featured in the Norwegian National Transport Plan for 2018-2029. You can read about us on page 135-136.

New municipality:

We are proud to share with you that we have got new agent colleagues, now also outside Oslo. Stavanger municipality has now chosen to start with the Traffic Agent in their area, which we think is really great news! The team who will work with this in Stavanger municipality has already visited us for training. Now it is not long for students in Stavanger to report what they think about their school route. We look forward to follow the work in Stavanger.

Fjell municipality (in Hordaland) has also worked with the Traffic Agent also in 2017 and wishes to expand their project in the next school year.


We are looking forward to more agent work the upcoming semester.

For now wish you all a nice and sunny summer!


Summer greetings from us at the Traffic Agent Headquarter