Newsletter May 2018

The Traffic Agent participated at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017.

Published: Friday, May 4, 2018 8:35 AM

The Traffic Agent Team

Newsletter May 2018

2018 is well underway, and here are some of the things that the Traffic Agent has been up to since the summer of 2017.

Increasingly more schools are interested in the Traffic Agent, and as of May 2018 there are 78 schools in Oslo with registered Traffic Agents. During 2017, as a result of reports from Traffic Agents, the Agency for Urban Environment’s operations department carried out approximately 170 immediate measures. These measures included, among other things, cutting of vegetation, fixing manhole covers sticking up from the ground, gritting, filling holes in the asphalt, and restoring signs.

One of the larger projects that were carried out in 2017 was the improvement and restoration of the trail near Korsvoll/Engebråten. The pupils did a great job during the mapping process, and we are very pleased with the end results! The trail can now be maintained during the winter, and lights have been established along the entire trail.

Korsvoll/Engebråten before Korsvoll/Engebråten after

At the very end of 2017 we were also lucky enough to get new agent colleagues, when Tysvær municipality expressed their interest in the Traffic Agent. We are so excited that they want to start using the Traffic Agent, and the plan now is that they will start their mapping process this fall. We are looking forward to following the process and see the results of their Agent work.

During 2017 we also got to participate at several international conferences, and here is a selection of the events we attended:

Visiting the EU Commission in Brussels:
In May 2017 the Traffic Agent was invited to attend a meeting at the EU Commissions office in Brussels in conjunction with their work concerning children and obesity in the EU. The Traffic Agent was invited to talk about how the app encourages an active route to school among children, and how walking and cycling to and from school can have health related benefits. 

CIVITAS forum “Small cities – BIG ideas” in Torres Vedras in Portugal:
The CIVITAS’ theme for 2017 was “Cleaner and Better Transport in Cities” and the Traffic Agent participated at their forum in September. CIVITAS is a network of and for cities dedicated to cleaner, better transport in and around Europe. We had a stand at the exhibition area of the conference where the other participants could get information and ask questions.

The HundrED conference in Helsinki:
As part of Finland’s centenary in 2017, the Finnish organization HundrED chose the 100 most inspiring innovations globally within education for children. More than 1000 innovations from 41 countries were researched and analyzed, and we in the Traffic Agent are very proud to be one of the chosen innovations of 2017. As a result of this we got to participate at the HundrED conference in Helsinki in October, along with the other chosen innovations. We presented the Traffic Agent to the other participants at one of the workshops during the conference.
For more information about HundrED and the other innovations, click her: 

Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona:
Under the subject “Bringing Pedestrians and Bikes back to the city” the Traffic Agent participated at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona in November 2017.
The Smart City concept is about how cities can evolve to become a more sustainable and modern society, and the Smart City Congress in Barcelona is the world’s biggest congress within this field. Smart City Oslo has a vision about an urban development which will improve the life of its citizens, and the Traffic Agent is one of the city’s initiatives to get closer to this goal.
The focus of last year’s congress was how to better facilitate for pedestrians and cyclists, in order to increase the numbers in these groups. The Traffic Agent was the only contributor from Norway that got to present at the congress, and we received good feedback from both the audience and the other participants.
To read more about Smart City, you can click here:

Presenting at the Smart City Expo 2017

At Headquarters in Oslo we have thus far in 2018 among others things been visited by Tim Gill and Lander Bosch. They wanted to come to Oslo to learn more about the Traffic Agent, and how the City of Oslo is working on including children in public planning and how we facilitate for active routes to school. Tim Gill from Great Britain is studying child-friendly cities, and PhD student Lander Bosch is writing his doctoral dissertation about children and obesity in London. Studies so far have indicated that active routes to school are effective in the battle against obesity among children.

It has been a long and snowy winter with wonderful skiing opportunities, but at Headquarters we are happy to see that spring is finally making its entrance.

We are looking forward to following all of our Traffic Agents throughout the year, and hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather!

Greetings from us at the Traffic Agent’s Headquarters!