Updated privacy policy

The Traffic Agent is created in a research and development collaboration between the City of Oslo and the Norwegian Centre for Transport Research.

Published: Friday, May 25, 2018 10:26 AM

The Traffic Agent

Updated privacy policy

Privacy means that you have the right to have a private life.

The Agency for Urban Environment is tasked to map the need for traffic security measures on school routes in the City of Oslo. We aim for safer roads so that more school children can walk, bike or travel by public transportation to school, instead of being driven.

The Traffic Agent was been developed by the Agency for Urban Environment, with support from the Research Council and in cooperation with the Norwegian Centre for Transport Research. The Traffic Agent is a mapping tool and an app designed for mobile and tablet, where the children can report positive and challenging areas on their school road. The mapping mainly deals with road safety, but we also collect information about where the children are traveling and how they use their school route. The traffic agent team and the researchers at TØI have unlimited access to the data material.

In order to function, the Traffic Agent needs access to the device's GPS position and camera.

For privacy reasons, it is voluntary for parents to decide whether their children should use the Traffic Agent or not. The parents will receive a secret agent code sent by mail from the Traffic Agent or school.

By starting the app and entering the code parents agree that their child can be a Traffic Agent and that the Agency for Urban Environment and the Institute for Transport Research can collect the information that is described further:


What data do we collect?

The data contains:

  • Digital maps showing reports and track-traces

  • Traces showing which routes the user use to their school or leisure activities

  • Reports from areas that the user experience as safe or challenging, based on issues regarding traffic security and traffic safety.

  • Images and comments that the user wishes to add to their reports.


What are the data used for?

The reports and track-traces provide the mobility and urban planners in the City of Oslo with a broader knowledge base to assess traffic security issues.

The City of Oslo uses the data as knowledge base to:

  • Implement traffic safety measures to ensure traffic security on school routes.

  • Evaluate which areas that should be prioritized.

  • Use as basis for further urban planning and transport/mobility plans.

  • Ensure the children’s right to participate in public planning processes.

The Institute for Transport Research use data:


What information do we share?

Teacher has access to data for its own class, but the teacher can only access reports and tracking’s with a direct connection to school routes and school travels and only data that Is reported in the time period between 07-11: 30 AM on weekdays and weekends.

Data relevant to other planners for planning work relating to transport and / or urban development, for example as a basis for impact assessments, plans for public spaces and so on, to ensure that children's safety and entitlement to participation are taken care of.


Additional information

  • Data processing is based on voluntary and informed consent. We have given the parents the opportunity to reserve their child from using the app.

  • The Agency for Urban Environment and the teacher can delete the agent code before and after it has been taken into use.

  • The data shall not be extradited to anyone else than those mentioned above

  • Teacher will not be able to see tracking from where children have been during leisure activities. However, please note that: Leisure is displayed as Freestyle in the app and reports are made after 11.30 on weekdays and weekends.

  • The first tracking-minute will be deleted so we cannot see which house the child live.

  • In the case of freestyle registrations: we urge to end mission before entering the home so that we cannot see which house they are going to.

  • The data shall only be obtained, stored and processed to the extent necessary to achieve a specified purpose for the City of Oslo and for the Institute of Transport Economics.